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Karan Studio


Karan Studio

Explore the world of Karan Desai, where storytelling meets architectural innovation. With a focus on customization and diversity, each project is tailored to individual clients, reflecting a commitment to immersive experiences.

Karan Studio

Karan Desai: Architect & Designer Extraordinaire. Collaborating with Serafini for innovative designs seamlessly blending into any space.

Discover the essence of Karan Desai's design philosophy, where every project tells a unique story. With a focus on customization and diversity, Karan seamlessly integrates clients' visions into bespoke architectural masterpieces. Inspired by icons like Zaha Hadid, Karan prioritizes immersive experiences, creating designs that resonate with Serafini's commitment to innovation and creativity.

Karan Studio


Karan Studio

As an architect and designer, I intricately intertwine clients' visions, lifestyles, and status with my aesthetics, resulting in unique projects tailored to each individual.  While there's an underlying thread across all endeavors, no two projects bear resemblance, defining the essence of KD homes. Unlike adhering to a singular design language, I embrace diversity, constantly challenging myself to craft curated, customized plans for each client.  This collaboration with Serafini reflects a shared passion for curated work and innovative design, bridging cultures and expertise to create a versatile product that transcends boundaries, fitting seamlessly into any space or home. It reflects my passion for curated work and innovative design, resonating with Serafini's commitment to honesty and creativity

Design, artigianalità, qualità della materia:
Tre concetti fondamentali che diventano espressione di ogni prodotto Serafini.

Serafini è un'azienda che da oltre 10 anni sceglie la qualità in tutte le sue espressioni:

nel design sofisticato, nella scelta di marmi naturali e materiali pregiati, nelle tecniche di lavorazione innovative.

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