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Collection '18

The charm of the 2018 collection is given by the variaty of atmospheres created by its products, they offer the possibility of furnishing all the rooms of the house with class. Each product has unique and original characteristics, and marble as the main element of our production, is strongly enhanced by the great variety of forms and finishes. 


The form that marble takes in the products of this collection has, in many cases, a strong minimal inspiration and refers to archetypal geometries. In other cases, the marble is worked in such a wayas to express its beauty through the various particular surfaces. Much attention has also been given to the mixture of various materials and their balanced synergy: in particular the interplay of contrasts and combinations between marble and metal parts.

Products and Environment

Living: Prism table, Cone, Eos table, Noon, Sinnuosa, Clark, Eos cabinet, Curves, Punta, Aida, Prism kitchen. Bathroom: Cup, Totem, MarbleColors, PuntaDue, Quadra, Vulcan, Abyss, Craft, Float, Cubi, Circus. 3D wall: Ritmo.


The refined use of the metallic components and the experimentation of particular techniques such as the gold leaf and the use of special colored paints add a touch of elegance to the product, at the sam time highlighting the craftsmanship component used for its realization.


Wide range of finishes that makes each surface even more special.


Get inspired by numerous colour's variations and shades


Each products can be customized according to your needs

Contact us

Feel free to contact us. Our staff will be happy to answer to all your questions or give you a suggest.

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