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The perfect product to show all the beauty of the marble of which these design pieces are composed. Discover your favorite marble console and bring all the charm of this luxurious product inside your home.


Beautiful and elegant console tables for the most refined environments


Consoles are very elegant and refined pieces of furniture. The characteristic beauty of this object, combined with the natural charm of marble, gives life to a design that makes elegance its strength. The consoles offered by Serafini have simple and harmonious lines suitable for any setting, from the most classic style to the most contemporary ones. Choose your favorite and make it perfect by customizing the dimensions, materials, and finishes as you wish, thus creating a piece of design made just for you. Our expert craftsmen specialize in working with this material, and after making the piece, they will polish and finish it by hand, making sure it is carefully packed and shipped to the customer. A marble console table is perfect for beautifying and enriching the decor of any interior.

Product Category

Serafini designs and manufactures various products, including marble console tables, which are a symbol of elegance and refinement. Choose the console that best meets your taste and make it with the materials and finishes we have selected for you in our catalog. The shapes of our collections fit flawlessly inside any room, from the most elegant to the simplest; the possibilities are limitless. Consoles made by Serafini, as any other of our pieces, are produced with the utmost care and attention to ensure the highest quality. The use of such a fine material like marble gives the Consoles an elegant and distinctive look. Additionally, the characteristic sturdiness of this material makes these products durable, thus guaranteeing a long life.

Design, craftsmanship, materiality:
Three fundamental concepts become an expression of every Serafini product.

Serafini is a company that for more than 10 years has been choosing quality in all its expressions:

in sophisticated design, in the choice of natural marble and precious materials, and in innovative processing techniques.

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