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Collection '19

The Collection 2019 is born with the intention of bringing a new level of elegance and attention to every single detail and element of each product. The collection brings together a series of products that have different souls but are at the same time consistent and pleasant together. The main focus of this collection is living with due care to bathroom products.


The basic concept of this collection and its products is coming from two different atmospheres. The sky and the space were the one that inspired the Capsule lamps, with their rarefied diffusion light, and the Eclipse sink, with its mysterious play of golden reflections and shadows. Then, through the vertiginous spiral of the Vertigo cabinet , we have landed on more concrete and material atmospheres: the master property, the chiseled mass of precious details of the Stilla and Roundezvous tables, together with the volcanic skin of the Tortuga cellular, until now the high and solid volumes of the Manhattan library skyline.

Products and Environment

The products created for the 2019 collection are: the Stilla and Roundezvous tables, the Tortuga and Vertigo furniture, the Manhattan bookcase and the three Capsule lamps that will give a touch of great elegance to your living, while the Eclissi washbasin together with its refined lines will enrich your bathroom environment.


Attention to detail has brought a fundamental contribution to the exclusive spirit of each product. The precious metallic inserts to decorate the Stilla table top, the composition of the Vertigo cabinet, the special design of the Tortuga surface, everything is designed to further enrich the simple but highly expressive forms of the products in the collection.


Wide range of finishes that makes each surface even more special.


Get inspired by numerous colour's variations and shades


Each products can be customized according to your needs

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