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Budde Studio


Budde Studio

Step into the creative realm of BUDDE, led by Architect Johannes Budde and Meike Papenfuss in Cologne. Redefining contemporary design, they craft furniture, lighting, and decor with a unique blend of creativity and business savvy

Budde Designers studio

Budde, a designer studio partnering with, working on innovative projects.

BUDDE, a Cologne-based design studio led by Architect Johannes Budde and Meike Papenfuss, blends creative vision with business expertise. Their work spans furniture, lighting, and decor, merging exclusive designs with scalable collections. With a bold spirit, BUDDE redefines everyday objects with meaningful designs.

Budde Studio


Budde Studio

BUDDE is a Cologne-based design studio led by Architect Johannes Budde and Meike Papenfuss. As a strong duo, Johannes is the creative mind behind BUDDE, complemented by the business and brand expertise of Meike. Arising from the field of architecture, the studio’s work stretches across typologies such as furniture, lighting and home decor – combining exclusive collectible designs and scalable collections.

Driven by a courageous spirit, BUDDE seeks to introduce meaningful designs that provide a new take on a quotidian object.

Design, craftsmanship, and materiality:
Three fundamental concepts become an expression of every Serafini product.

Serafini is a company that for more than 10 years has been choosing quality in all its expressions:

in sophisticated design, in the choice of natural marble and precious materials, and in innovative processing techniques.

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