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Entity Ovale

The Entity collection is born to give form and hold moments of real emotion. Basic and simple lined products able to fit every style and environment. Springing from an archetypical reference design, each product is enriched by the searching for various details such as edge finishes and particular drain pipe profiles.


The oval shape draws its origins from the ancient Roman amphitheater. Great architectural skills supported by basic and clean foundations. It's a historical fusion of the sphere which is enhanced by modern oval lines. A single line narration which springs into a double one thanks to the inner rim and the outer elliptical edge.

Products and Environment

The Ovale Entity collection is formed by three types of washbasins (Small, Medium and High), one bath sink and one shower tray. 


Wide range of finishes that makes each surface even more special.


Get inspired by numerous colour's variations and shades


Each products can be customized according to your needs

Contact us

Feel free to contact us. Our staff will be happy to answer to all your questions or give you a suggest.

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