Natural marble elements are controlled by perfect geometric shapes which bring to life true emotions.

The bathroom collections signed by Marmi Serafini offers high-quality manufacturing adjusted to every style and environment.



Each marble lamp is unique and an unrepeatable work where the material is tamed by creative forms and where the light is managing to shine through the natural crevices and mysterious veining of the material. 



The lithic material, as an elegant coat, covers the new living building exclusive and personal products.

That is how are born master craftsmanship products supported by high technology. 



Close your eyes and imagine you are in a place never seen before. An almost surreal, magical, but finally revealed. Then follow the drawings of nature and get caught in what they have to tell.

From classic to more unusual wall coverings: the colors are mixing with each other, creating unique work, unveiling  a magic that is hidden in their character for a centuries.

Surround yourself with true beauty.


Tailor-made Products

Starting from simple drawings or sketches, we work together with our clients to develop products that meet the best quality standards.

Currently more than 90% of our products are customized. 

Custom towel-holder in Calacatta
Tailor-made washbasin in Fiordibosco
Tailor-made washbasin in Fiordibosco
Tailor-made washbasin in Fiordibosco
Tailor-made washbasin in Carrara
Tavle in Carrara
Table in Carrara
Desk in Nero Marquinia
Craft cabinet in Silver Wave
Craft Cabinet in Silver Wave
Cabinet in Grafite
Cabinet in Grafite
Bath i Grafite
Bath in Grafite
Bath in Pietra di Farsena
Shower tray in Nero Marquinia
Tailor-made washbasin in Oak Grey
Tailor-made washbasin in Pietra d'Istria
Tailor-made washbasin in Pietra d'Istria
Consolle in Nero Marquinia
Consolle in Nero Marquinia
Consolle in Grigio Carnico
Coffee table in Statuarietto
PuntaDue in Grafite
Tailor-made showertray in Nero Marquinia
Punta wall in Statuariettio
Punta wall in Statuarietto
Tailor-made washbasin in Estramoz
Tailor-made consolle in Grafite
Tailor-made washbasin in Statuarietto
bathroom accessories
bathroom accessories

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