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Serafini Design Team

Cup's thick, sturdy forms are adaptable to any backdrop, from the most minimal to the most elegant.

Cup was created by Nicola Malachin during his work at Serafini. This product is characterized by simple lines and thick shapes. Cup's design is suitable for different settings, from the simplest to the most elegant and sophisticated. The veining of the marble swirls around the entire product decorating it with its natural textures. The inside of the washbasin is covered with a special resin that can be colored to your liking, making your product unique by connecting it to its surroundings. In addition to giving the washbasin an extra unique look, the resin protects and preserves the stone from its natural change, preserving its beauty for eternity.


materials mini_round


Veining and Color: a perfect pairing.

Cup is characterized by simple and geometric lines that make this marble sink a timeless piece of design. Its minimalist shape and the customized coloring of its interior mean that it can be placed in any type of space, integrating easily with the rest of the decor. The choice of material is very important, and Cup Freestanding is available with an unmatched selection of marbles, like all the other Serafini products.


To make Cup, we start from a single block of marble that is cut by a single-blade machine, thus obtaining a parallelepiped, which is then shaped and carved out by a five-axis robot. Once these processes are finished, our craftsmen move on to the finishing phase, varnishin the inside of the washbasin with colored resin. Eventually, the piece is packed and shipped wherever the customer wishes.


Serafini Design team is full of designer that collaborates together to  carry on the vision of the brand

Serafini Design Team

Serafini believes in growing designer since his birth. He is always looking for new talent to join his team, during the past years many designers have come to join the Serafini team with the vision of creating products with no excuse, with freedom of shapes, with one of the best factories you can find with such an exclusive design brand.

Cup with gold plate by Serafini




We are able to produce the product with composite materials and special finishes such as Wood, Galvanised Steel etc., for more information and specific requests please contact our office.


Panda White

Nero Assoluto

Travertino Navona

Verde Acquamarina

Arabescato Rosso Orobico










Black resin

Black resin

White resin

White resin

Colored resin

Colored resin



Technica Data
Cup, simple design marble sink


50Ø 85h cm

Weight (empty)

85 kg


Weight full : That the part does not undergo internal machining to reduce its weight.

Weight hollow: that the piece is hollowed out at some strategic points to reduce its weight without changing its aesthetics or structural characteristics in any way.

*Please note that all our products are customizable


Need more informations? Contact us.


Can I have a price list by marble range?

Yes, of course. Just ask the price list to our Sales Team. They will be happy to provide the price list of the products you desire.

Why is the inside of Cup covered in resin?

The resin treatment is carried out because bare marble would be more prone to wear, in this way instead we ensure that it preserves its beauty over time.

Do you have showrooms around the world?

Not yet. You can find our products in many galleries around the world. You can contact our sales team to know where.


average rating is 4 out of 5

Great product!

I recently bought a Red France Cup, it looks really good in my bathroom.

Daniel, England


average rating is 5 out of 5


This product is really great! It looks great in our bathroom and since we got it the whole room has taken on new life.

Danielel, Spain


average rating is 4 out of 5

Great Product!

This product is really great! fits really well in our home. It's a true piece of design.
The production times were not to much if you think that this is an italian hand-crafted product.
I like how they treated me during my purchasing process.
Many thanks to Serafin, you did an amazing job

Camilla, Sweden



Design, craftsmanship, and materiality:
Three fundamental concepts become an expression of every Serafini product.

Serafini is a company that for more than 10 years has been choosing quality in all its expressions:

in sophisticated design, in the choice of natural marble and precious materials, and in innovative processing techniques.

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