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Serafini Design Team


Serafini Design Team

Serafini gathers people with different design visions to make the perfect team to build up projects with tough meaning. Serafini sustains a divergent way of living.

Serafini Design Team

Serafini Design team is full of designer that collaborates together to  carry on the vision of the brand

Serafini believes in growing designer since his birth. He is always looking for new talent to join his team, during the past years many designers have come to join the Serafini team with the vision of creating products with no excuse, with freedom of shapes, with one of the best factories you can find with such an exclusive design brand.

Serafini Design Team


About Serafini Design Team has been a breeding ground for talented designers from diverse backgrounds and creative experiences. Each designer who has worked for the company has brought a unique vision and significant contribution to the creation of new marble design products. Their commitment and passion have resulted in works of art that embody the timeless elegance and beauty of marble. In addition to designing extraordinary products, these designers have also played a key role in curating's communication, conveying the essence and value of the products through engaging images and narratives. As a result of their tireless work, has earned a prominent place in the design industry, becoming a renowned brand valued by design enthusiasts and collectors around the world.

Design, craftsmanship, and materiality:
Three fundamental concepts become an expression of every Serafini product.

Serafini is a company that for more than 10 years has been choosing quality in all its expressions:

in sophisticated design, in the choice of natural marble and precious materials, and in innovative processing techniques.

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