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Greg Natale

The Onda table transposes the designer’s sculptural DNA to an arresting scale.

Carved from contrasting sweeps of marble, it reflects his masterly approach to colour and rich layering of materials. Nero Antico and Rosso Francia were selected for their tonal depth and swirling, painterly patterns that express dramatic variations in scale and a vivid sense of movement. 


materials mini_round


Onda table transposes the sculptural DNA to an arresting scale.

The table’s wave-like profile presents a delicate contrast to the heft of these materials, with gentle undulations imbuing their monumentality with a softer, organic edge. This beautiful balance of gravitas and grace connects the table’s material and formal dimensions. A curvy column of Rosso Francia offers a strong central anchor that flowers out, mushroom-like, to the Nero Antico surface with its elegant, rippling outline. The result is a luxurious and distinctive style statement that melds sinuousness with solidity, playing with tensions between the hard and the soft to convey a feeling of fluidity and refinement.


The Onda table consists of a base made from a single block of marble that is initially cut with a single-blade machine and then milled on all sides by a 5-axis robot. The top consists of two elements made from slabs that are cut by a waterjet machine and then assembled. All the produced pieces are entrusted to the skilled hands of our craftsmen, who will polish, finish, and assemble the piece.


 Award-winning Australian designer Greg Natale Collaborates with Serafini to create elegance, dynamism and verve designs

Greg Natale

Award-winning Australian designer Greg Natale is celebrated for his bold and beautifully curated mix of colour, pattern and texture. Melding strong modernist sensibilities with a maximalist approach to layering, Greg conjures sumptuous, emotionally rich spaces and homewares that exude elegance, dynamism and verve.

Onda Table unveiled at salone del mobile 2023




We are able to produce the product with composite materials and special finishes such as Wood, Galvanised Steel etc., for more information and specific requests please contact our office.


Invisible Gray

Travertino Navona

Azul Cielo (only 2cm thick slabs)

Breccia Pernice

Jura Golden Beige

Bianco Perlino








Technical Data




Onda table designed for the 2023  Milan Design Week


130 Ø  75h cm 

Weight (full)

 450 kg

Weight (hollow)

 380 kg


Weight full : That the part does not undergo internal machining to reduce its weight.

Weight hollow: that the piece is hollowed out at some strategic points to reduce its weight without changing its aesthetics or structural characteristics in any way.

*Please note that all our products are customizable

Serafini s.r.l. informs consumers, clients, and third parties in general that:

All of its products have the required characteristics that ensure normal operation and safety in use.They are made from natural stone blocks:

They feature exclusive, unique, and unrepeatable characteristics, such as color veins in different shades, and may differ from reference images, scale models, and sample materials provided. All references are always indicative to facilitate customer understanding.

The block, due to its natural characteristics, may potentially present cracks or fractures where there is greater fragility, as these are unpredictable. Any imperfections present, attributable to the naturalness of the stones, may be glued or resin-treated, but they do not constitute a defect.

Adequate packaging is used to ensure the safety of the product during shipment. Wooden crates secure the products in the appropriate and efficient position. The customer must open and inspect the material within eight (8) days of receipt, in compliance with the legal term. In case of breakage, the customer must report it within this period to be entitled to the warranty. Assemble according to the suggested instructions.


Need more informations? Contact us.


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Can I make Onda Table with different materials?

Onda Table is designed to best express the beauty of marble, but you can create it with other materials

How to clean and maintain natural stones?

We can provide you with some products that maintain and clean your design object.

Do you have showrooms around the world?

Not yet. You can find our products in many galleries around the world. You can contact our sales team to find out where.


average rating is 5 out of 5

Smooth transition

I love the smooth transition between the two materials, I'm glad I made this choice.

Sergey, Russia


average rating is 5 out of 5


The veinings are astonishing, hats off to the craftsmen!

Leon, Poland


average rating is 5 out of 5

Fuori Salone 2023

I saw this table during the Milan FuoriSalone 2023. I liked it so much that I immediately ordered one.

Ruben, Spain



Design, craftsmanship, materiality:
Three fundamental concepts become an expression of every Serafini product.

Serafini is a company that for more than 10 years has been choosing quality in all its expressions: in sophisticated design, in the choice of natural marble and precious materials, and in innovative processing techniques.

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